IPL Photorejuvenation Makes Waves Worldwide
IPL Photorejuvenation Makes Waves Worldwide
IPL Photorejuvenation Makes Waves Worldwide

IPL Photorejuvenation, the new full-face non-ablative, “no downtime” skin rejuvenation technique that has swept across the USA, now has a growing group of strong advocates around the world. IPL Photorejuvenation is possible with a variety of Intense Pulsed Light systems from ESC Sharplan – ranging from the IPL Quantum SR, dedicated to IPL Photorejuvenation, to the highly versatile VascuLight multiple application system.

In the past, many of the physicians had limited their use of IPL vascular or pigmented lesion modalities to isolated spots, without progressing to this new full-face treatment with no patient downtime. However, virtually all had observed the skin-smoothing effect of IPL, even with routine hair removal procedures. In a program of several treatments, IPL Photorejuvenation utilizes the broad-spectrum property of Intense Pulsed Light and reaches deep into the skin to the level of collagen and connective tissue.

IPL Photorejuvenatin results in a gradual improvement of rosacea’s redness and flushing, brown pigment and sun damage, and textural changes – all with a simple, virtually pain-free, “no downtime” procedure with exceptional patient satisfaction.

IPL treatment was initiated at one year due to risks of therapy had been reduced leading to hemangioma re-growth.) Complete involution of the tumor at about 2 years after initial IPL treatment and a total of 12 treatment sessions. We note “no occurrence of scarring or pigmentation or any signs of prior lesion on the skin”

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