IPL Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal
IPL Hair Removal
The result of years of experience with Intense Pulsed Light

A proper medical history must include: medications being taken, previous diagnosis of hormonal imbalance or intake of hormones. Family background is also important, as well what previous treatments were received. It is critical that a proper explanation of the treatment plan is given during the consultation. Setting realistic expectations for the patients will ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Develop a Repeatable Technique
Shave the hair
•    Shave the complete site.
Skin reaction does not happen in all cases
•    Although no effect is seen immediately, the hair has been affected.
•    Except for some mild erythema, don’t expect immediate reactions on skin types IV and V – the reaction may be delayed.

IPL Hair Removal treatment heads then (left) and now (below).

Today’s ergonomic treatment heads are lightweight, easier to use, and feature integrated epidermal cooling.
Patient Care after Treatment

After treatment
•    There may be erythema, edema, singed smell or lack of resistance when the gel is removed.
•    Apply aloe vera lotion after treatment.

Skin Type IV-V
•    Use very cold gel, and an extra amount for darker skin tones.

Skin Type VI
•    Gel should be made colder by leaving it in the freezer for five minutes prior to use.
•    Do not overlap pulses, and never touch skin with filter.

Upper Lip Treatment

•    When treating the upper lip, make sure all makeup is removed prior to treatment. If permanent lip liner is present, it must be covered with zinc oxide. Before treating, insert cotton balls or gauze between the lip and the teeth. This will prevent teeth, especially those with fillings, from heating up during treatment.

•    Advise patients that a week after treatment, they should use loofah daily in the area treated. This will exfoliate the skin, leaving it clean of any destroyed hairs.
•    Always advise all patients to use sunscreen in the treated areas for at least one-two months following treatment.

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