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Rejuvenate your appearance with Derma K the most advanced skin rejuvenation laser.
Rejuvenate your appearance with Derma K the most advanced skin rejuvenation laser.
Rejuvenate your appearance with Derma K the most advanced skin rejuvenation laser.
What is Derma K?
Derma K is a laser which simultaneously uses two wavelengths to remove microscopic layer of skin, leaving you with renewed, smoother looking skin.
How does Derma K work?
Derma K is the first and only laser to deliver a scientifically measured blend of simultaneous light treatment that offers the best treatment alternative for you. It combines the advantages of the CO2 laser, used for year for skin rejuvenation, with the precision capabilities of the Erbium: YAG laser. The Erbium: YAG wavelength gently and precisely removes skin, layer by layer, while the CO2 wavelength provides beneficial heating to the underlying tissue.What areas can be treated?
Because Derma K is so gentle, it can be considered for treating areas other than just the face. The neck, chest, back and extremities may also be treated. Please consult with your physician regarding your specific requirements.

Who are candidates for treatment?
Nearly anybody can benefit from Derma K treatments. Leading physicians worldwide report excellent results on patients of virtually all skin colors, most complexion types and nearly any age.

What is treatment like?
The Derma K is a safe, effective laser designed specifically for the types of cosmetic procedures you may be considering. Since it is so gentle, many patient experience minimal discomfort. Doctor Arellano will discuss any medication or anesthesia that may be required for your treatment.

How long is a typical treatment?
Each case varies. When only small areas are treated, the procedure time is short. Typically the procedure may last about an hour, but doctor Arellano will discuss this with you as well.

What are the side effects?
Side effects vary individually, but are typically minimal.

Are there restrictions on my activity after treatment?
Following a treatment with the Derma K, there will be only minimal restrictions on your activities. We will discuss any restrictions that may apply to your procedure.

What are the advantages of the Derma K?
Using Derma K, your physician is able to provide customized treatment for your personal needs. The simultaneous delivery of both laser energies can be controlled to allow a full range of combinations. Treatment is gentle with minimal discomfort and rapid recovery. The final result can be smoother, firmer, younger looking skin.

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to give yourself a fresher, revitalized look, now is the time. Whit the Derma K laser, results are dramatic. Your skin can have a firmer, smoother, renewed appearance. In addition, the gentle therapy provides fast recovery time, enabling you to return quickly to your daily routine.

Derma K laser is setting the standard for treatment in aesthetic medicine. Doctor Arellano has invested time, thought, and energy in providing the best and most advanced techniques for you. Ask how you can revitalize your looks.

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