POST BARIATRIC SURGERY – For your new figure

Obesity affects two of very three people. For those morbidly obese patients, dieting and exercise just doesn’t work. Their excessive weight adversely affects their quality of life and that of their families. They are in constant discomfort with aching joints and backs. They are high risk candidates to develop heart disease, diabetes or cancer. For them bariatric surgery is their only hope, and their last resort. Most bariatric surgeries performed are gastric bypasses. A gastric bypass sections off a section of the stomach and re-routes food to the small intestine. This results in less food intake and a reduction in the calories absorbed by the body

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Tummy Tuck Candidates

Tummy tuck surgery is a fine way to improve the overall contours of your figure. Let’s look at who some of the best candidates are for surgery and what they can expect from it., When it comes to achieving a much fitter, trimmer, and proportionate figure, body contouring is often the answer. Body contouring surgeries include various lift and tuck surgeries for the torso and the extremities which can get rid of excess folds and flaps of skin. When you visit a Puebla plastic surgeon at our practice, our team will be able to assess your needs and figure how to best address them.

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